Delorme, Falmouth Maine

May 2, 2000


 Eartha is the world's largest globe, located in Yarmouth Maine at Delorme. On May 2nd, 2000  Eartha Educational Alliance hosted us for an educational program covering concepts in mapping and geography.
If you attended with us, please send me your comments/suggestions to send on to the Eartha Educational Alliance.  I have a survey to fill out and return to them.  I'll compile all the feedback into one response and forward it back to David McKittrick at EEA.  Thanks!
I also have a set of the questions we used in the orienteering portion of the lesson, if anyone is interested in these please let me know and I'll post them to this web page or email them directly.

Pictures from the trip, now online!


Eartha Letter

Click on the image above for a larger, more readable view. 

This description came with our confirmation letter.

If you get to Yarmouth this summer, Delorme's Map Store, and Eartha are open daily.