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Calling All Books! Do you have a book or two (maybe three or four) from the Home Lending Library lying around your house and collecting dust since they were due at the end of June? If you do, please contact Patty to make a date to bring them back as other homeschoolers are waiting for them for the new year. Even if you forgot and missed a deadline or two please try to find them and bring back to the library. Don't forget to check out the library for the next year's books while you are there returning books.

Anyone is welcomed to come by and check out the library whether they have books that are due or not.

Any Volunteers? The library could use some help in organizing as well as other tasks. If you would like to have your child do some volunteering, this might be the perfect place for them. Give Patty a call at 938-5428 and leave a message.

Overdue Books: If you have an overdue book call Patty and ask for an extension or if you are in the area drop them by one of our houses.


If you don't see it, call as we didn't have time to list everything.

Please Contact Patty or Renee at 938-5428

Preschool: Bob Jones Beginnings & Kindergarten

Sound & Count A A Beka
Sound & Count B A Beka
Phonics Flip Chants
Teaching Visuals
Year Round Activities for your Two Year Old
Year Round Activities for your Four Year Old
Kid’s Stuff - Kindergarten & Nursery School
A Beka Science - K
Saxon Math - K
Bob Jones Math


Language A Beka
All about numbers A Beka
Discovering God’s World A Beka
Science 1 Bob Jones
Writing w/ Phonics A Beka
Health Safety & Manners A Beka
My America A Beka


Health Safety & Manners A Beka
Arithmetic 2 A Beka
Language 2 A Beka
Exploring God’s World A Beka
Science Here & Now
Science 2 Bob Jones
Our America A Beka
Writing w/ Phonics A Beka
Learning Language Through Literature


Exploring Mathematics
Growth in Mathmatics Clarke
Language 3 A Beka
English Bob Jones
Our American Heritage A Beka
Hertiage Studies Bob Jones
Health Safety & Manners 3


Math Bob Jones
Math 54 Saxon
Arithmetic 4 A Beka
Mathematics Around Us Scott, Foresman
History of US A Beka
Hearitage Studies Bob Jones
Science Bob Jones
Understanding God’s World A Beka
Exploring Mathematics Scott, Foresman


Math Bob Jones
Science Bob Jones
Our World History & Geography A Beka
Saxon 65
English Bob Jones
Language Arts A Beka
Discovering God’s World A Beka
Heritage Studies Bob Jones


Arithmetic A Beka
Math 76 Saxon
English Bob Jones
Language Arts A Beka
Learning Language Arts Through Literature
Observing God’s World A Beka
New World History & Geography A Beka


Math Bob Jones
Life Science Bob Jones
The Modern Age A Beka (History)
Geography Bob Jones
Explorations in Literature Bob Jones

Reading Helps

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Reading Skillstuff Vol 1
The Letter People World Book
A Beka Readers
Keys to Reading Series - 9 Levels
Other Readers
Writing Strands 1 - 4 Levels
Invitations to Literacy Levels 1-5 Houghton Mifflin Company

Parent Helps

Reading Games
Artimetic Games
Listening Games
Discover What You can Be
The Big Book of Learning Vol 1-4 Mary Pride
Best of the Best for Children
Prime Time Together with Kids Erickson
Home Educators Resource Guide
Homeschooling for Excellent Colfax
Siblings Without Rivalry Faber and Mazlish
How Children Learn Holt
Your Six Year Old Ames and Ilg
The Christian Family’s Complete Household Organizer Harris
Science by Mail Flying Machines (about flight)
Science by Mail Cowboy Carnival (simple machines)

Assortment of Magazines and games to take home and keep

Assortment of Catalogs to order or look through

A Few Videos