Kearsarge Mountain Homeschoolers

Orbit with Corbett

Letter from Gordon L. Corbett

March 17, 2000


Dear Stephanie,

      Enclosed are the pre-visit worksheets that parents and students can have fun with and that will give them a good foundation to my visit. These worksheets/activities will inform and challenge the students. They can be adapted to the varying age levels. There are opportunities to research, investigate, observe, question, reason, classify, infer, predict and enjoy. Students' other skills and imagination can be brought out by using art to draw what they would see looking out the porthole of the R.M.S. TITANIC. The sheets are numbered and should be done in that order. These worksheets should be helpful to both student and parents.

      I look forward to coming over to Warner and meeting you again and working with the parents and children in your group. This will be an exciting and valuable learning experience. Can I also say it will be fun as well? Okay... It will be lots of fun as well. If I am not having fun I'm taking all my toys and going home (That won't happen.)

I mail out a lot of packets and sometimes something goes astray. It happened once before for a school in Dracut, Mass. They never got the previsit packet and no one told me. I'm enclosing a self addressed post card that you can pop back in the mail to indicate that you did indeed receive this mailing.

By the way, some of the the enclosed papers can also be used for good post-visit activities as well as a comparison to see what the students have learned.

See you on April 13th.

Yours Truly


           Cordon L Corbett

411 Walnut Hill Road
North Yarmouth, Maine